MobiDram: Armenian E-Wallet for Your Everyday Needs

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What is MobiDram?

Mobidram is an Armenian digital payment service provider that offers a full range of mobile money transfer solutions, allowing easy and secure money transfer from and to any bank accounts in Armenia. MobiDram is mainly available in Viva-MTS branches. Due to its poor marketing and hard-to-use application, the wallet is still unknown to most people living in Armenia. However, it is one of the best online wallets in Armenia.


With MobiDram, you can pay bills and transfer them to a bank account, just like other digital wallets in Armenia; however, it has some advantages over other Armenian online wallets. These advantages are:

  • Money transfer using Skrill – Many people struggle to receive payments from outside Armenia, but with the help of Skrill and MobiDram, you can quickly receive and withdraw money. Withdrawal of Skrill funds is instant using MobiDram.
  • Lowest commissions This wallet has the lowest transaction fees among all other Armenian digital wallets. This also helps people in withdrawing money to their card or bank account with low commissions.
  • More services to pay MobiDram has more services available compared to other online wallets in Armenia. It supports services outside Armenia(Georgia and Russia). You can also send and receive money from almost all Russian e-wallets, including YooMoney(, WebMoney, Qiwi, etc.


Despite all the advantages of MobiDram, it has many disadvantages which draw lots of users’ interest away from using this amazing e-wallet.  Some of these disadvantages are:

  • Hard-to-use application – Their application is hard to use. This makes most of the non-tech people lose interest in using the application instantly.
  • Verification – It is not easy to thoroughly verify your account. Without account verification, this wallet has no use at all.
  • Pin – You won’t be able to use your pin code like other wallets. MobiDram pin code is generated from their servers and sent to you and cannot be changed. You have to remember or save the pin code to be able to use the wallet. Changing the pin code is impossible.

Overall, MobiDram is an excellent and must-have digital wallet in Armenia, especially if you use Skrill to get paid online. Hopefully, most of the mentioned disadvantages will change.

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