ENCRO is the first Armenian freelance platform that provides an entirely new, flexible, time-saving culture to the freelancing world. They filtered out the best abroad companies to partner with to achieve the best possible salaries and working requirements. Moreover, They have a team of specialized managers who are constantly collaborating with their partner companies, sorting through projects best suitable to the interests of Armenian freelancers.

What Makes ENCRO Different From Other Freelance Platforms?

Finding freelance projects takes lots of time and effort. The idea of ENCRO is to value freelancers’ time. Their team will find projects that match your skills, experience, and preferences to allow you to spend your time working and improving even further. Their slogan is

Waste no more time on searching! Leave the job hunting to us!


Why Should You Use ENCRO?

Just like any other freelance platform, you can work from the comfort of your home. This is an excellent opportunity for both new and experienced Armenian freelancers. The best thing about ENCRO is that you can set your hourly rate and work hours. Additionally, you can spend your time on the actual work instead of going through the exhausting process of finding, applying, and waiting for a client’s approval. All you need to do to receive a project is possess good language skills and prove your professional abilities through a quick technical test.

Another great thing about ENCRO is that, you don’t need to worry about how you are going to receive your compensation. Most people in Armenia struggle to receive their hard earned money through freelancer websites since most payment methods are not supported in Armenia. ENCRO offers transfers directly to your Armenian bank account.

How To Get Started With ENCRO?

You can apply to ENCRO and fill in the required information, including desired position and contact information. After applying, the HR specialist will reach out to you shortly, inviting you to an online interview to assess your language skills, after which you can show your technical abilities in a test form. Currently, their technical test is done through HackerRank. Once you pass both of the stages, you will start receiving projects matching your skills.

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