How To Verify Address Online In Armenia

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In order to be able to use most of the services online, there are verification steps that you need to pass. Some require identity verification, and some require address verification. To verify your identity, you have to upload your government-issued ID, passport, or visa. However, it is not very easy to verify your address in Armenia. Verifying the address in Armenia is a bit complicated. Not verifying addresses could lead to many restrictions on buying, receiving, or sending money from Armenia.

Why is it Complicated?

  • Almost in all countries around the world, verification of address could be simply done by uploading your utility bill, in which your address is specified in the bill. But, this is not the case in Armenia since most utility bills are handled differently.
  • Another alternative way to verify your address outside Armenia is to upload your monthly bank statement, in which your address should be written with the bank signature on it. But most bank statements in Armenia do not have a signature or even address on the monthly bank statement. This makes it hard for people living in Armenia to verify their addresses online.
  • Some companies also accept government issues ID, passport, or visa, if the address is written. However, since registered addresses are written in the Armenian language, companies cannot verify them using this method.

How Can I Verify My Address In Armenia?

Some people in Armenia verify their addresses online by editing the bank statement and adding their addresses in the document. This action is illegal and could lead to problems, including account deletion and legal issues.

The easiest and legal way to verify your address in Armenia is to ask your bank for an address verification document. The document could be a bank statement, account turnover, etc., with the bank’s signature. You must mention including your address in the paper and double-check with them to include an official signature from the bank. If you visit a bank branch in Armenia, you could quickly get the document to verify your address in Armenia in no time.

Alternatively, you could give your passport to translation companies in Armenia to officially translate it to English with the authorities’ signature. This method is also completely legal.

With the two mentioned methods you could easily verify your address for companies like Skrill, Payoneer, etc.

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