ArCa Armenian Card: Everything You Need To Know

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ArCa, also known as Armenian Card, allows Armenian banks to produce and provide ArCa cards, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, DCI, МИР and JCB system cards. Almost everyone in Armenia uses these cards to receive salary and compensation, pay for goods, transfer, and withdraw cash.

Can These Cards Be Used Internationally?

ArCa cards can be used nationwide only. However, most of these cards are also other system cards. This means that the card can be Visa and ArCa simultaneously. If you have an international system card like MasterCard, Visa, etc., obtained from an Armenian bank, then there is a high chance that your card is also ArCa. Almost all banks in Armenia use Armenian Card to provide international system cards.

If the card is also an international payment system card, it can also be linked with PayPal and other online wallets.

ArCa Armenian Card

Use of ArCa Card in Armenia

You can use these cards to withdraw using ATMs, transfer(card to card), pay for goods, pay for online goods and services in Armenia. If the card is also an international system card, you can pay for goods and services online for almost all websites. Armenian Card handles the card transactions processing as well as SMS service for card transactions.

You can use ArCa to link to Idram, MobiDram, Telcell wallets, which you can use it to pay for utility bills, services, etc.

Which Banks in Armenia Does Not Use Armenian Card in Their Systems

Some banks in Armenia do not work with Armenian Card. Which means they do not provide you with ArCa cards. However, by requestion you might be able to ask these banks to issue an ArCa card. Some of these banks are:

  • VTB-Armenia
  • InecoBank CJSC

In February 2022, InecoBank parted ways with Armenian Card CJSC. InecoBank cardholders can use their cards regularly, without Armenian Card features.

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