Translate Languages to Armenian

Why Translate to Armenian?

Whether you are visiting Armenia, learning Armenian, or even checking a specific word, you may use a dictionary, applications, or online services to translate to Armenian. For example, the translations could translate from English to Armenian, French to Armenian, Armenian to English, etc.

The Armenian language is an old language which is invented in 405 A.D. Read about the Armenian language and its creation by clicking the following link. Armenian language

Translate English to Armenian Dictionary

Why Not Use Google Translate to Translate to Armenian?

The reason why we do not recommend Google Translate is that the community translates for Google Translate. This means the chance of mistaking a word is high, especially in the Armenian language. Nowadays, there are many words used by locals, Armenians, whether it’s from Russian or Persian(Farsi). This makes changes in the speaking language and sometimes may affect the whole language. The reason for that is because people forget what the meaning and usage of specific words in their own language is, and they use words from other languages.

Currently, there are many words and phrases that Armenians use that are not in the Armenian language. Also, Armenians from other countries use many correct Armenian words and phrases that local Armenians will not understand and may even think it is not Armenian.

Translating with Dictionaries

What Are Some Recommendations for Translating Armenian the Correct Way?

There are many translating websites out there based on old and new dictionaries, like the Nairi and LEXILOGOS. But we highly recommend using the Nairi dictionary. The reason for that is because Nairi Dictionary can translate Armenian to English, English to Armenian, French to Armenian, and Armenian to French. They also have translations from and to Persian(Farsi), Arabic, Russian, etc. which the only disadvantage is that it is not automatic translation. This means you have to search and find the word that you are looking for.

The base of the Nairi dictionary consists of two books and 129 dictionaries. They created their online translation by manually inputting all the words from English, French, and Armenian. They also have a free Armenian spellchecker for Armenian writers.

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