Scorpions in Armenia

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Scorpions in Armenia

The most common type of scorpions in Armenia are white scorpions and fat-tailed scorpions. Recently the number of white scorpions increased in Yerevan, especially in the Kentron district.

white scorpions which are found in Armenia

White scorpion stings have no serious health risks. However, it is strongly recommended to seek medical attention after being stung by one of them. In some rare cases, people could have allergic reactions to it.

However, stings of black scorpions are dangerous and can kill you. Again, in any case, you should seek medical attention if a scorpion stung you. You can also take a photo of the scorpion that has stung you to describe the doctors the type of the scorpion.

How to Deal with Scorpions in Armenia?

Some people in Armenia often clean their house with vinegar. Vinegar not only disinfects and removes any stinky smells but also keeps the scorpions away.

You can also use lavender, peppermint, or cinnamon sprays, or air fresheners near any possible entry points of scorpions. Scorpions hate those smells. Read more here.

The most common way people are stung by a bee, scorpion, or other insect types is by wearing shoes, socks, and different types of clothes. Make sure to check inside the shoes and clothes before wearing them.

Why Do Armenians Burn the Scorpion After Killing it?

Armenians believe that the smell and trace of a burning dead scorpion will keep other scorpions away. Because of that, in Armenia, most of the locals burn scorpions after killing them.

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