Currency Exchange

Where to Exchange Money Safely?

The safest places to exchange money are banks. However, you may have to wait a lot in the queue in order to exchange money. You can always exchange money safely in supermarkets like SAS, Yerevan City, Titan, and etc. These supermarkets are completely safe to exchange money.

Where can I get the Highest Rates?

Banks have the highest exchange rate in Armenia, but if you do not want to wait in line, you can visit any branch of SAS supermarkets(highest exchange rate compared to other places)

What are the Rates?

You should always check the rates before exchanging your money. You can use our widget to approximately calculate the amount of money that you can get from a specific amount of USD(our website only calculates USD to AMD). However, to calculate the rate exactly, or if you want to find a bank/place to have the highest rates, you can simply go to, and there you can the most recent rates of AMD.

Important Tips

  • Check if your money is torn or not, if it is torn, you can simply ask them to change it. Shops and exchange places do not accept torn money.
  • Always count the money in front of their desk. Otherwise, if they give you less or torn money, you cannot claim the proof.
  • Never exchange the money, if someone offers you to do it in person

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