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Are you traveling to Armenia and need to exchange your currency? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will help you exchange your money safely and at the best rates.

Where to Exchange Money Safely?

One of the most important considerations when it comes to currency exchange is safety. The safest places to exchange money are banks. However, the downside of exchanging money at banks is that you may have to wait in a long queue. An alternative option is to exchange money at supermarkets such as SAS, Yerevan City, Titan, and others. These supermarkets have proven to be completely safe for currency exchange.

Where to Get the Highest Exchange Rates?

While banks generally offer the highest exchange rates in Armenia, if you want to avoid waiting in line, you can visit any branch of SAS supermarkets. They have the highest exchange rates compared to other places.

Checking Exchange Rates

It’s important to always check the rates before exchanging your money. Our website provides a widget that allows you to approximately calculate the amount of money you can get from a specific amount of USD (note: our calculation is limited to USD to AMD). For more accurate exchange rate information, you can visit This website provides the most recent exchange rates for AMD.

Essential Tips for Currency Exchange

  • Check if your money is torn. Shops and exchange places do not accept torn money.
  • Always count the money in front of the desk. This way, if you are given less money or torn bills, you have proof and can make a claim.
  • Never exchange money with someone who offers to do it in person. This is not a safe or secure option.

In conclusion, currency exchange can be a stress-free process if you know where to go and what to do. By following these tips, you can exchange your money safely and at the best rates in Armenia. Whether you choose to exchange money at a bank or supermarket, be sure to check the exchange rates before making a transaction. Happy travels!

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