Sushi in Armenia

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One of the most delicious Japanese dishes is sushi. It is a way to prepare a special type of rice(with rice vinegar) and primarily raw fish. You can enjoy sushi with or without soya sauce or wasabi. The most common types of fish used in sushi are salmon, tuna, and eel. However, some sushi doesn’t have any fish on or in it.

Sushi rolls

Sushi in Armenia

There are lots of sushi restaurants in Armenia. You can almost find sushi anywhere in this country, especially in Yerevan. Even some burgeries and pizza restaurants serve sushi. Restaurants serve raw and cooked sushi and even sushi that does not contain any fish. For example, some restaurants may have cooked beef or vegetarian sushi as well. Most sushi in Armenia contains cream cheese. The reason for that is because Armenians are cheese lovers, and for locals to have familiar taste and for them to like sushi, restaurants tend to use cream cheese more often in sushis.

Reason Why You Should Not Eat Sushi in Armenia

As mentioned earlier, there are many sushi restaurants in Armenia. However, not all of them taste good, and not all of them are safe to eat. Most restaurants claim that their sushi is fresh. However, it is not true. Armenia does not have saltwater. Since salmon, tuna, and eel are saltwater fishes, it would be nearly impossible for a restaurant to have fresh fish. Also, it is safe to refrigerate raw fish not more than a maximum of 24hour.

However, fresh does not mean it is safer. Freezing the fish kills almost all parasites in the fish. But, freezing and exporting the fish, in a condition to remain the fish frozen while exporting, is a hard and expensive task. Meanwhile, most of the restaurants in Armenia serve sushi. In addition to that, most restaurants serve sushi at a low price. This leaves a space for questioning if sushi is safe to eat in Armenia.

It is said that most of the dishes served in sushi in Armenia are not the exact fish that you are ordering. For example, when ordering tuna sushi, it may not have any tuna and have a cheaper type of fish.

The chance of sushi poisoning is high. If you are a sushi lover and want to eat it in Armenia, you may have to rethink that. Or at least go for well-known and good restaurants which their main dish is sushi. There are many great and delicious dishes to try in Armenia.

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