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TotoGaming Scam is Exposed!

TotoGaming scam is exposed; Make sure to read the article until the end and inform anyone using the platform, in order to keep them safe from the scam.

What is TotoGaming?

TotoGaming is an online casino and sports gambling platform which is located and operated in Armenia. They have been around since 2004, which in the early ages of TotoGaming, it was a sports gambling platform only. Later on, they have added online casinos as well. Their website is

How Does TotoGaming Scam?

Hi-Lo Game

The image that you see on the right side, is the scoreboard of a game named Hi-Lo. The online casino game was published in 2018.
At first sight, you may not see it, but their scam gets exposed on their scoreboard. The scoreboard shows the currently accepted bets on the Hi-Lo game in one round. The scam is so detailed that it is hard to notice.
In order to participate in the round, you have to type the amount you want to bet and then choose the type of bet. The scam is in typing the amount of bet you want to do in the round.

TotoGaming Scam Scoreboard
Hi-Lo Controls

You can see the controls that they have made for the game on the above image, with a minimum bet of 50AMD. You can also type it with your own keyboard, but what you cannot do, is to write the sign “.“. For example, you cannot bet an amount of 50.1 or 66.67; the betting value should round the numbers. But as you can see on the scoreboard, they are people betting with the amount of not rounded numbers like 333.33 or 266.67.
This is a scam to encourage you to bet by showing the number of people playing on their platform and the amount they may win.

In addition to that, let me ask a question which you think you know the answer to, “what was the minimum amount to bet in the round?” It is already mentioned, but is it actually 50AMD? Why are they people betting less than 50AMD? Does this mean you can bet less than 50AMD? The answer is a strict “No!”.
In the picture below, you can see amounts of less than 50AMD participating in the round, but there is no way you will be able to participate in a round with less than 50AMD.

TotoGaming Scam Evidence of less than 50AMD bet.

I Can't See the Mentioned Way Which TotoGaming Scams!

By the time you see this post, it is highly probable that TotoGaming fixed, or “hid,” the mentioned way of scamming.
You may ask, “Is this the only way TotoGaming scams its customers?” or “Is it enough to conclude that they are a scam?” well, the answer to that is up to you to decide. The mentioned scam is only one way exposed, and if they try to scam in one of their small part of the website, you do the math.

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