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What is UTaxi?

UTaxi is a taxi service in Armenia, which can be ordered via phone call, mobile application, or through their website. If you prefer to use other taxi services, you could also keep their app on your smartphone, it may be useful when you need a taxi fast.

Fares of UTaxi


The image shows the fares for each service. The fares may increase due to traffic or a high number of requests. For a standard UTaxi, you have to pay 100AMD for each additional kilometer, and for Minivan and Business, you have to pay 150AMD for each additional kilometers. UTaxi is more budget-friendly compared to gg Taxi. The Standard of this service will cost you only 400AMD for 0-4km, however, gg Taxi’s cheapest service is 500AMD. The rates may change due to app updates, but we will try to make it up to date!

Difference of Each Service

Standard: The standard taxi is the most affordable compared to others. This is even cheaper than the standard taxi rates in Armenia.
Comfort: This is basically a standard car which can be a small van or a sedan.
Delivery: As the name says itself, a Delivery taxi is used to send/ship goods across the city.
Minivan: This is basically a car with more than 5 seats available to sit. If you order a standard or comfort taxi with 5 people or more, the taxi may refuse to complete the order.
Business: If you need a higher class of car, this is what you need to choose. However, a comfort car may show up, if the driver’s rating is really high.
Truck: The vehicle is used for the transportation of goods.
Evacuator: This service is used for the transportation of cars.



Quality of Service


Service Variety

Their service is good. The downside of UTaxi is their availability and their support. If it is traffic in place which you are ordering a UTaxi, don’t expect to find any. Even there may be no drivers in some regions.
The problem with their support is that they only operate on phone-calls.

How to Use Their Service?

You can download and sign up through their apps and instantly use them! You can download the app by clicking here(Android, iOS). The sign up process is simple!

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