Taxis in Yerevan

What Should I Know About Taxis in Yerevan?

Yerevan is full of taxis. However, in order to not get scammed by some taxi drivers, you need to know some information about them. We have put together some tips and information so you can have a great experience using taxis in Yerevan!

How do you get Scammed by Taxis in Yerevan?

Taxis in Yerevan usually scam by charging more than standard taxi rates, however, they may take the long route in order to make more money.

Are there any recommendations?

It is better to use apps like gg, Yandex Taxi, and UTaxi services, in order to prevent problems. However, you should be careful if they turn off/cancel you taxi order, which they may try to charge you more at the end. In cases like that, you should immediately ask them to pull over to get out of the taxi, or contact their support through the app. It is worth to mention that gg taxi has the best support system, compared to other services, and the reason for that is because, you can chat with them any time you want and they will assist you. 

What are the Fares of Taxis in Yerevan?

Standard taxi rate(by taking a taxi from the street) is 600AMD ranging between a distance of 1-4 kilometers, and extra 100AMD for each 1 kilometers. Prices may differ if you use taxi services like gg, Yandex Taxi and UTaxi. However, their standard rate is also 600AMD, but if the prices are different, their apps will notify you about it. 

What Cars do Taxi Services Like gg, Yandex Taxi, and UTaxi Offer?

They are a variety of cars! If you want to get a higher level class car, you can simply order business class cars. Some examples of cars are Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Lexus, Infinity and etc.

How do I use This Taxi Services?

You can download and sign up through their apps and instantly use them! For gg Taxi service you can download the app by clicking here(Android, iOS). To learn more about gg Taxi, you click here to see the in-depth review and guide on how to use gg Taxi service.

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