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Black Angus Burger Bar

Business Name: Black Angus Burger BarWebsite: www.blackangus.amPhone Number: (043) 508070Location: 34 Arshakunyats Ave.2/5 Abovyan Street39 Mesrop Mashtots Ave.Working Hours: Everyday 8:30AM-2:00AMPrices: Moderately

Pitstop Burger

Business Name: Pitstop BurgerWebsite: www.pitstopburger.amPhone Number: (060) 755655Location: 37 Pushkin StreetWorking Hours: Everyday 11:00AM-4:00AMPrices: Inexpensive $ Pitstop Burger is a fast-food restaurant.

Achajour Parpetsi

Business Name: Achajour ParpetsiWebsite: www.achajour.amPhone Number: (055) 966866Location: 22 Ghazar Parpetsi StreetWorking Hours: Everyday 8:00AM-12:00AMPrices: Pricey $$$ Achajour Parpetsi is a self-service

Veolia Jur

Veolia Jur(Also know as Veolia Djur) is the only water company in Armenia that provides tap water. The company is one of

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Armenian Flag

What’s the Armenian Flag? The design of the flag is A horizontal tricolor of red, blue, and orange. Armenian Flag is constructed …

Armenian alphabet carved on a rock.

Armenian Alphabet Creation The Armenian alphabet was invented in 405 A.D. by Mesrop Mashtots, who was helped by king Vramshapuh and Catholicos …

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